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Heartland CBD makes proprietary blends using premium quality hemp CBD full spectrum extract for your dog. Many dog owners are giving their pets their own CBD oils, however, cbd oils intended for human consumption are not always the same or safe fror our furry friends. Our family friendly cbd blends are intended for human consumption, and our dog oils are intended for canine consumption. 100 mg Hemp CBD Oil is the recommended maximum CBD dosage bottle for cats.

Getting Started with Hemp for Your Dog

This article will go over how you can use hemp CBD oil with your dog, learn how your dog and CBD will work together, and get a more personal understanding of how you can positively change your dogs life by introducing hemp full spectrum CBD. Using a daily dosage of CBD will increase your chances at improving and prolonging the effects that the cannabinoids bring to your dogs body. Learn about how your pet can begin to feel better faster when you use Heartland CBD full spectrum hemp oil for dogs. 

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs - Family Picture with Dog and Boys and Mother
CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs Heartland CBD -CBD for Dogs Hemp CBD Oil

100 MG Dog CBD Oil – $19.99 – Low Dose – Very Small Dogs / Puppies and Cats

Lowest dose of hemp CBD for dogs that Heartland CBD offers. Heartland CBD only recommends this product when first starting to introduce CBD to a small dog. This is preferred for very small dogs as well as for puppies in need.

200 MG Dog CBD Oil – $24.99 – Medium Dose – Small Dogs

Medium dose of hemp CBD for dogs that Heartland CBD offers. Heartland CBD recommends this dosage for casual, non-heavy results use. This is preferred for small dogs with light issues, skin rashes, or basic needs.

500 MG Dog CBD Oil – $49.99 – Large Dose – Large Dogs or Dogs with Need

Large dose of hemp CBD for dogs that Heartland CBD offers. Heartland CBD recommends this dosage for the needier dogs, the older dogs, and larger dogs that have more health troubles and discomfort. This oil may be used on any size dog with health issues and great discomfort.

Billy Bones Blend – 500 MG x2 (1000mg) (x2 1oz bottles) Dog CBD Oils – $89.99 – Potent

Our most potent dose of hemp CBD for dogs that Heartland CBD offers. Heartland CBD recommends the Billy Bones Blend 500mg Split to anyone with a dog that has need for stronger more natural hemp cbd oil that can handle the aches, pains, and struggles of older dogs with health troubles.

Read about the Billy Bones Story as it unfolds! This is the first part and a Google Review!

Watch Billy Bones the dog take CBD in a live facebook video and watch the results.

Learn about CBD for your dog. Understand more about your pet before starting to introduce CBD.

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs is becoming an option for families and especially for larger and older dog owners. Dog owners have come to Heartland CBD to provide comfort and relief to their pets. 

Many dogs are stuck on prescription medications and over the counter medications. The cost for customers and patients can add up quickly and the side effects of these pills and suppositories are not comfortable for your dog, and cause dizzyness, nausea and more side effects. 

Below, we share the progressing story of Billy Bones, who’s special hemp CBD blend will be officially released later on. For now you must request access to this oil.

Benefits of Hemp for Dogs

Pet owners are turning to cannabidiol, particularly full spectrum cannabidiol CBD hemp and cannabis derived oils that contain large ranges of cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, etc. to assist their dogs with the following major issues (see disclaimer below).

  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Dizzyness
  • Hip Displacia
  • Lethargic Behavior
  • Anger Issues
  • Hyperactivity
  • Heat Rashes
  • Cuts and Wounds
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)
  • Nausea
  • Discomfort 

Buy Hemp Oils for Dogs Online With Heartland CBD

The Billy Bones Blend Story - Hemp CBD and Cancer in Dogs

The following story is a true story out of Hudson Florida. The Billy Bones Blend 500mg x2 Spagyric Split was made as a special customized order for a special dog by the name of Billy Bones, who was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. The story below tells the tail of a special dog who touched our hearts. The Billy Bones Blend Spagyric Split 500mg (x2) is one ounce bottles of 500mg full spectrum hemp cbd oil with all natural and organic hemp plant leaf.

Billy Bones The Dog

Heartland CBD - CBD Oil For Dogs Near Me - Hemp For Dogs Near Me - Dog Oil Near Me

“I called heartland just yesterday about a very time sensitive situation. My dog was diagnosed with lung cancer and the doc is giving him a few weeks to a couple months to live. I refuse to give up on him and I am willing to try anything possible to give him a good quality of life until the inevitable or help slow the process resulting in a longer life. I did some reaearch and it led me to cbd oil. I found a local company and decided to call them. Joseph was so helpful, he also understood the urgency and started on my oil right away. He custom made it specific for my dogs needs and hand delivered it the next day. Not only was the process fast but we sat down for a bit and he educated me on so much. I feel so confident in their product because the maker is so passionate about it. You don’t get this kind of personal treatment nowadays. It’s almost unheard of. This may be a long shot for my dog and we are all hoping for a success story. We all hope this works for him and if all else fails it will at least make him comfortable and pain free until the inevitable. Even that is worth it on its own. My dog took his first dose a couple hours ago and he is completely calm and relaxed. He is still his lovable peppy self and I am trying to keep that going for as long as I can. Thank you Joseph!”

On June 23rd, 2018, Billy Bones was laid to rest. He was reportedly eating well, and comfortable prior too his final attack from the lung cancer that was finally too much for our big small sized inspiration. It was noted that Billy was not diagnosed with cancer until 2 months into the investigations, and it was unfortunate that we were too late to help Billy Bones overcome his illness. While Billy Bones was not successfully saved, his story and the improvements that we did see in his last days were nothing short of incredible. On the night that we received the message, we knew we had to release the oil for the public immediately, as we could not allow another dog to be without something that could possibly help. Leah, Billy Bones owner, released the following statement:

I am very happy to announce that due to the urgency and how time sensitive certain dog cancers are, Billy’s customized cbd oil is going live at some point today so it can be available to the public. Joseph Edwards named it after Billy Bones. I hope to god that it will give dogs suffering with cancer some comfort or stall the growth. I am humbled that he decided to name it after my baby. Unfortunately Billy’s cancer was way too advanced but I am confident it did make him feel better. Thank you for keeping his memory alive by honoring his name on your product. Go change the world Joseph… you know what to do ❤️

Billy Bones Dog CBD Oil Live Video of CBD Dog Dosage in Dog with Lung Cancer

Leah posted this live video of Billy Bones the dog, who is currently battling advanced stage lung cancer. We were pleased that his wheezing was decreased so much that it was only audible enough to hear the heavy breathing prior to taking this video Leah explains that she was expecting to hear him wheezing. 

In the video, Leah captures the effects that Heartland CBD Oil has on him and the benefits of hemp oil for dogs video showing how it helps calm his breathing, and shows how much more comfortable Billy Bones looks after his dose.This video was a live video on facebook that Leah has allowed us to share publicly to spread awareness about our product. Thank you, Leah! 

How to tell CBD is working for your dog

It doesn’t take much of a trained eye to see when your dog is in discomfort, and it will not take much to see when the comfort is returned. When using Hemp CBD oil for dogs, you must first be aware of the symptoms you are hoping to relieve using hemp CBD oils:

  • Dog appears relaxed
  • Dog is breathing regularly
  • Dog does not have hyperactivity
  • Dog does not display signs of discomfort or pain while moving
  • Dog is not dizzy or nauseated
  • Dog does not have trouble maneuvering
  • Dog is able to metabolize and digest food
  • Dogs fur coat becomes healthier
  • Dogs skin rashes begin to fade

The Dog Hemp Oil is NOT Working:

  • No change in behavior
  • No change in symptoms displayed
  • Lethargic
  • Dizzy & Nauseous
  • Not able to eat / Vomits food
  • Rashes go no where or increase in severity
  • Dog is not responsive to the cannabinoids whatsoever 

What to do when the oil is not working:

  • Change method of delivery. Move from oral to topical, switch it up, or do both at the same time.
  • Increase dose slowly or as you and/or your vet see fit.
  • Monitor your dog closely.
  • Love your dog, pet them, and tell them it’s going to be okay, they need your support.
  • Observe and create options for you and your dog to explore.

Need more help with CBD for your dog?

If you are uncertain about hemp oils for your dog, or how CBD might be applicable to your own family dog(s), feel free to contact us 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM @ 1-813-970-5138 and ask about how hemp CBD may be an option for your pet, and ask us about delivery.