Heartland CBD Sublingual / Oral

How to Use CBD Oil by Heartland CBD

Learn how to use CBD by Heartland CBD, which is full spectrum hemp oil to get the most benefits. Make sure you take the CBD oil correctly, or desired effects may not be reached. Follow these instructions carefully. 

Individuals with blood thinners should consult their physician prior too taking CBD as Cannabidiol may potentially increase the potency and efficiency of blood thinning agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most effective method of delivery is using sublingual and oral in the same single dose. Follow these easy step by step instructions on how to take our #1 premium hemp CBD oil the best way possible. 

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Getting started with using Heartland CBD full spectrum hemp oil as a sublingual product (meaning you take the oil orally [ by mouth ] ) is easy and the most recommended way to use Heartland CBD oil.

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Heartland CBD Oil is most effective when used as a sublingual first, and as a food second in the same dose. Here is how you do that:

Step 1 : Preparation

Hold the bottle in your hands with a steady but firm grip, and twist the lid counter-clockwise to open. Leave the dropper top in the bottle for now.

Step 2 : Dosage of CBD

Read the label on your bottle, and find where it states how many milligrams (mg) are in a single dose (2/3rds of oil in one dopper /  1 milliliter (ml) )

Squeeze the droppers rubber top, with the stem inside of the liquid. Slowly release pressure from the droppers rubber top to fill the stem with your dose of full spectrum hemp cbd oil. 

This will contain the amount of CBD that the label states. This oil does have a broad range of cannabinoids.

Step 3 : Apply Oil Under the Tongue

Tilt your head upward to prevent spillage. Place the stem of the dropper close to your mouth, and expose the underside of your tongue and squeeze the rubber top of the dropper to release your preferred dosage of full spectrum CBD oil under your tongue and close your mouth.


Step 4 : Swallow the Heartland CBD Oil

Swallow the oil inside of your mouth, and wait for 10 minutes. Measure and note effects.

If you feel no changes that you can measure, increase your dosage by one more and wait 10 minutes. 

Contact us if the oil does not provide noticeable difference within the first 2 doses within the first 24 hours.

What is Hemp CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of many different cannabinoids found in Hemp and the cannabaceae family. It is highly recommended to buy CBD oil from trustworthy CBD vendors and suppliers. Heartland Hemp Inc. makes sure that you receive the best quality of hemp oil by ensuring the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids are extracted from 100% American certified organically grown hemp plants, from which we make the most potent CBD oil.

What happens when you take CBD?

When you take our full spectrum hemp CBD oil, you are consuming or topically applying a full range of cannabinoids to your body, which activates what is called the endocannabinoid system. It is not possible to overdose or have withdraws from hemp cbd products. CBD will not make you high, there are no “come-downs”, no “withdraw” or dependencies are associated with CBD, as it does not contain psychoactive drugs. THC is below 0.3% by volume.

Can You Get High from Heartland CBD?

No. Although Heartland CBD does contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, the THC content is below 0.3%, which is well below the amount needed to cause any psychoactive effects.

I have medical needs, what should I do with CBD?

First, consult your physician before consuming products with cannabidiol. So far, no known side-effects have been discovered, however, because of how new the studies are, it is better to discuss your consumption of anything with your doctore before consuming it.

Second, Heartland CBD does not make any claims to treat, cure, heal,or diagnose any diseases, illnesses, mental illnesses, etc…. With that being said, studies have come out showing many promising benefits for CBD and a large list of medical applications and benefits.

What does it feel like to take CBD?

Many people experience relaxation, light pain suppression, focus, and calmness in smaller doses of Heartland CBD. Those who take more tend to experience full restful sleep, and greater pain reduction.

Will I fail a drug test with Heartland CBD?

No, because the amount of THC in our oils is either non-existent (by request) or incredibly low (under 0.3% THC by weight). 

To fail a urinalysis drug screening, you would need to consume over 100ml (30ml is 1 bottle) to have a hope at triggering the screening.

Heartland Hemp Inc. strongly discourages consuming oil products in large amounts due to their laxative nature. It is recommended you follow the instructions on your Heartland CBD packaging for best results.

Why Heartland CBD

We excel in manufacturing full spectrum CBD oil which is processed, broken down, and retaining the full profile of available cannabinoids, amino acids, omegas, or other valuable compounds. CBD oil from hemp plants are 100% legal and are considered a nutritional supplement by the FDA. This means that Heartland CBD is legal to ship and consume throughout all states in the United States. In current news, the hemp farming act of 2018 is making hemp derived products 100% legal in all of the United States. 

Are you getting the most out of your CBD?

Heartland CBD makes the highest quality hemp CBD oil and edibles available on the market today. Made with certified 100% American Organically grown hemp, and processed on location, giving you the freshest product with the best, fastest delivering effects. Effects of our oil is generally felt within the first 10 minutes of consumption or topical application.

Why full spectrum over isolate?

The full spectrum of cannabinoids offers what is called the Entourage Effect or as Heartland Hemp Inc. prefers to call it, the Ensemble Effect. Where the cannabinoids are empowered by one another, orchestrating, accentuating, and enhancing the performance of the other cannabinoids found in hemp. 

Can You Overdose on CBD?

No, you cannot overdose from taking too much CBD, however, taking CBD in large quantities is known to cause:

  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsyness / Long Sleep 

How can I take my Heartland CBD oil?

Heartland CBD oil is able to be applied to skin and hair (or fur for pets), to assist with dry, itchy skin, rashes, etc. 

Orally is the most recommended way to ingest Heartland CBD, as it acts faster, provides stronger effects, and the stomach is also the main starting point for the processing of cannabinoids into your system. See the information at the top of the page to see it done, step by step.

How much CBD should I take?

It is important to remember that everyone is chemically different. It is important to start with small doses and ease your way up till you find yourself comfortable. 

Can I add CBD to my food or drink?

Yes, you can add our CBD oils to any food or drink, so long as the food or drink has already been cooked and/or prepared. 

We discourage cooking with the CBD oil, as it will likely destroy the cannabinoids in the oil, making it less useful to you and your body.

You can add it to tea or coffee, but we recommend you wait a minute before adding CBD to a freshly made hot cup.