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Formulated to improve energy, while suppressing hunger cravings, and provides positive neurotrophic support. This product provides a natural energy boost, helps with focus, and support pain relief. This is a favorite of golfers.

Enhance your tincture with a specifically targeted terpene blend for Sleep, Anxiety/Calming, & Focus. 
Anxiety = a calming combination to lower stress.
Sleep = a balanced natural sleep aid.
Focus = an enhanced mental focus.
Each is a $5 increase in cost, and only one can be added per tincture bottle.
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Our Sports Blend was formulated to address the specific needs of highly active individuals.

Product Information

  • Ingredients: : Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, Sunflower oil MCT oil, Purified coconut oil, Capsaicin blend, B-12, Lecithin, Copaiba
  • Benefits: Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Lessens Hunger Between Meals (Increases Metabolism, Speed up endocannabinoid system response time
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