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Orally Ingested CBD Oil Blends Full Spectrum, 100% Hemp

Heartland CBD has formulated and manufactured some of the most potent and real full-spectrum hemp CBD oils and topical solutions, and with today’s recognition of Hemp CBD needing to be personalized to truly have something that works for everyone, we have created a way for you to have your choice of any of our classic blends, any of our newly made product lines, and of course, your own personalized hemp CBD product.

Our Most Popular Blends

Original Blend

500mg and 1000mg doses

Sports Blend

500mg and 1000mg doses

Featured CBD oil on
Gulf Coast golf courses!

Pet Blend

100, 200, 300, and 500mg

We have the right CBD blend for you!

Each blend type has varying ranges of milligram available by the label. Choose any of these oils if you are looking for a CBD oil to put into your mouth and under your tongue. These CBD liquids should not be vaped. These are food and liquid / hot liquid safe for oral consumption and ingestion. Some consumers prefer to leave oils under their tongue for a period of time and claim it may assist in the improvement of delivery before swallowing.

How to buy

Heartland CBD is currently processing orders over the phone or via our online credit card payment system.

Delivery Options

  • In-store pickup / Shop in store
  • $10 Shipping nationwide
  • Local Delivery

There is no such thing as one size fits all with the CBD industry, that’s why we are so passionate about providing you with the finest and most detailed service available. Our expert staff is ready to help you create a perfectly balanced blend, all you need to do is tell us what your goals with CBD are, and we will help you from there! All of our products have been lab-tested by trusted local and accredited third party labs in the state of Florida.

~Joseph Edwards

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Godemis .
Godemis .
19:07 30 May 20
As someone who has taken many of CBD products, vaping, oral, topical etc, I can say with confidence that Heartland... CBD's product genuinely works for mostly anything you need it for. I myself used to play football back in high school, varsity since sophomore year, after one game during my senior year I had rolled my ankle and was out for the next game. My brother had some of their topical cream and asked my to try putting it on my ankle to see if it helped with the pain. Not even after I'm halfway through with the first coat, there was almost little to no pain in my ankle. If you suffer from chronic pain, from experience I can say that these products will help more
Tony Baloney
Tony Baloney
16:07 14 May 20
Great people and great products check them out
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown
15:30 25 Mar 20
I absolutely love Heartland CBD products. They are the best product you can find. I compared their products with... others. I have used tiger balm and biofrezze for years. Those products burn my skin and doesn't not provide long lasting relief at all. I have used Heartland Thayvie balm and 300mg moisturizing lotion and have received hour( 3-7 hours) of relief. They are amazing especially with having to deal with chronic back pain it's fantastic to find a product I can use to get hours of relief without having to take pain medication or hours on a tents unit. Heartland CBD products provide a relaxing tingle sensation when applied without uncomfortable burning to my skin. I love everything they're doing and will recommend their products to everyone. Heartland CBD thank you for everything you do your products are outstanding!!!!!read more
Larry Feet
Larry Feet
09:39 11 Oct 19
Love that place friendly staff
Whiskeyman25 .
Whiskeyman25 .
17:39 26 Jun 19
It's great, I would recommend to anyone.
Ruth Riggins
Ruth Riggins
15:31 11 Apr 19
Cbd is an amazing product. This is a fantastic local store to get what you need!
Solita Edwards
Solita Edwards
01:47 09 Mar 19
This last product I got was awesome! I loved it and I will always recommend you guys!
Jessica Grant
Jessica Grant
01:09 08 Mar 19
I’ve used the Pet Blends to help with my dog’s seizures. It helps calm him and he actually looks forward to his... dosages. I highly recommend more
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