Verify Your Veteran Status to Qualify for Veteran Discounts

Veterans are able to receive their own Veteran CBD account complete with an attached discount for life. To lock in your account, please fill out this form completely. We do not keep sensitive information upon verification.
  • Select the military branch that you serve(d) in.
  • If you are active service, we encourage you to verify with your .mil / .gov e-mail address.
  • If you do not wish to provide an ID, you will need to provide a valid Sign Up code, which will be reviewed.
  • Upload the clearest picture you can or scan of your military or veteran identification card. These pictures are not kept, and are disposed of upon verification of account. You are encouraged to block out your military ID number or any identifying numbers. You may do this with a strip of paper.

Veterans Get CBD at Unbeatable Prices with No Minimum Buy

Active military service and veterans that hold a valid identification card or a sign up code from an affiliate. Veterans pay the same price as our CEO, Dr. J. Robert Heinzman.

When seeking out the best solutions to help a veteran, hemp-derived CBD oil is among the most effective and useful. Our CBD oil will not get you high, however, it does contain enough THC to provide the full Ensemble Effect. Don’t be fooled by the “two ingredients only” message. Be sure to review our Ensemble Effect article to understand how carrier oils, activators, and full-spectrum hemp extracts work, and why Heartland CBD is the #1 premier Hemp CBD oil you can buy.